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Invitation to BDSA Events

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Dear all,

As I am sure you are aware, on Tuesday 3rd October 2023, we launched the British DanceSport Association, the governing body for Ballroom and Latin American Dancing of Great Britain and the British Isles. This has proved a monumental success, with our membership increasing daily.

DanceSport events are without any genuine or workable protective mechanisms. Our athletes are afforded no practical safeguarding frameworks, and our British grassroots lack a supportive sporting regulatory regime with a pathway to elite and professional engagement.

To this end we took the decision to launch a governing body for British Ballroom and Latin American DanceSport including the British Isles. Only in having a UK Sport standard and regulatory coherent organisation can Great Britain and the British Isles say it has a true governing body. Many of you have advocated for such change yet the industry remains compromised without genuine growth.

With sport being a self-regulatory format of governance, the BDSA has established itself to ensure that all those involved within the sport, from teachers to promoters and athletes to parents, we have a dependable and workable sporting regulatory regime that always acts in the best interest of participants and the sport. In following the good practice required within sport, as the governing body, we strive for all areas of our industry to flourish.

We are hosting three events over the coming weeks which welcome all CEO’s and a member of each teaching body:

  • Teachers Roundtable, 13th October, Birmingham Events and Conference Centre

    • Open discussion exploring how the BDSA can support the grassroots DanceSport community.

  • CEO Roundtable, 13th October, Birmingham Events and Conference Centre

    • Open discussion of BDSA membership and the necessity to provide frameworks, acceptable to all awarding bodies on areas such as DBS and effective insurances.

  • Safeguarding Roundtable, 6th November, location to be confirmed

    • With the intention of delivering a national framework before the end of the year.

Please do email with your intention to attend. Tea, coffee, and lunch will be provided. All events will start at 10am prompt however registration will be from 930am.

One of our aims is to work with everyone within the DanceSport industry, without fear or favour, to benefit dance. We will not restrict any form of membership to any other organisation; however our events and governance will be delivered to the highest possible standard across the sporting sphere.

Kindest regards,

Neil Harrison CEO

British DanceSport Association

Download your copy of this press release here...

9 Oct 23 Press Release
Download PDF • 142KB

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