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Proud to announce our new partnership with the British Red Cross

British Red Cross Partnership Logo

The BDSA Board of Directors is proud to announce a new partnership with the British Red Cross to deliver well-being at work.


This Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re delighted to announce that we’re working with the British Red Cross with the support of professional dancers Kristina Rihanoff and Kai Widdrington to encourage association members to look after themselves, by offering British Red Cross Wellbeing support at work courses to members with a 15% discount.


Wellbeing support at work


The interactive well-being support at work course is designed to equip you, and your team, with the skills and knowledge needed to provide effective support to others, while also taking care of your own well-being. The skills learned will help you to build personal resilience and adapt when faced with situations that are stressful, upsetting or challenging.


Promote positive mental health and well-being in your team and watch them thrive at work. Benefits of training can include increased productivity, lower absence, and improved resilience.

  • Introduction to supporting others and yourself

  • Effective communication and active listening

  • Identifying and responding to others' needs

  • Building resilience and coping skills


Learners receive a certificate which states they have successfully completed the course and will feature the British Red Cross Mental Health Champion badge. This indicates that the recipient may now be a mental health champion at work. A Mental Health Champion is a team or employee who is trained to offer help and support to colleagues and to promote mental health awareness.

BDSA members can access the offer by contacting the office requesting the Red Cross Training Pack which details the offer, provides the discount code and pricing.


Terms and conditions apply.

Phone: 020 3150 0005

Download a copy of this Press Release here...

Mental Health Press Release
Download PDF • 242KB

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