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Meet our Members: Kelly Prouton

As BDSA membership grows we are will share insights and information so you can get to know our members, from grassroots dance schools, to elite dancers both here in the UK and around the world.

In the first of our Meet our Members series we speak to Kelly Prouton, professional dancer, founder of Dizzyfeet Dancing, competition organiser and advocate of the ProAm dance scene. Kelly joined the BDSA in October 2023 along with her husband and dance partner James Prouton, their dance school Dizzyfeet and the organisation they set up the Pro-Am Dance Committee.

Kelly’s main motivation for joining the BDSA is her sheer love of DanceSport and how she would like to see more and more people take part. “Joining for me was a no brainer. For the PADC we are keen to get further support to help us grow as well as education for our members. ProAm dancing is a great way for people to get involved in competition and we will be able to showcase this part of the sport to a wider audience through the BDSA”.

When we asked her what she thinks makes DanceSport so special there was one word that came up straight away, “community”. She feels this is also something the BDSA can promote, “there is an opportunity to create a community that really works together to bring more people into DanceSport. At the moment there are lots of teachers and not enough people to teach.” Kelly feels that by changing this more and more people will reap the benefits of dancing, whether that is physical health benefits or the connection that comes from meeting others on the dancefloor.

You can follow Kelly, James and Dizzyfeet on their very own YouTube channel. The BDSA is delighted to have them on board and will share more of their stories and news in the near future.

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