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Neil Harrison.

"The BDSA is important to me as it is an association open for everyone that offers neutrality and fairness."

Amanda Dokman


Sitting on the British DanceSport Association as an Advisory Non-Executive Director, Amanda is one of the most well-known and reputable dancing figures in the sport today. An exceptional and trusted voice for Amateurs and Professionals alike, Amanda has spent the last few years sitting as a governing Board Director on the World Dance Organisation (WDO), whilst simultaneously sitting as a member of the WDO Media Committee; successfully providing innovative and educational information for world-wide DanceSport athletes and organisations.

Amanda is one of the most sought-after coaches across the World of Ballroom Dancing. She, along with her husband Tony, is a multiple World, European and British Open Professional Ballroom Finalist. With her previous partner, she also had huge success becoming British Closed Professional Ballroom Champion and Vice-Champion at the International Championships.

Impassioned about the future of British and World DanceSport, Amanda is an active campaigner within the sport and has routinely involved herself within projects such as ‘Give Back to Dance.’ This highlights her unprecedented commitment to supporting those who need it most within our sporting sector.

Wholeheartedly principled and ethical in all her undertakings, Amanda is both resolute and determined to ensure that all athletes have equal opportunities, whilst ensuring that fair play is adhered to all times. In running both specialist 'Training Camps' and world-class sporting championships, Amanda has experienced all elements of today's game. As such, during her tenure on the British DanceSport Association, Amanda will be an independent voice for all those within the sport, irrespective of level, who need require real and true support. Raising concerns from the grassroots level and above, Amanda will champion democracy and athlete protection within the British Ballroom and Latin American sporting sphere, advocating against intimidation and conflicting interests, both which presently engulf the sport.

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