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The BDSA’s Mission to Support Grassroots Athletes

Christopher and Amy Richardson-Hall showing their bursary certificate.

“As part of the BDSA’s mission to support grassroots athletes in Great Britain and the British Isles, we are proud to offer a variety of bursaries to our talented BDSA members who wish to compete in BDSA-regulated competitions.

Christopher and Amy Richardson-Hall from Port Erin, Isle of Man, have been awarded our first bursary to compete in our forthcoming East of England Championships on the 28 January 2024.

This is the first of many BDSA Bursaries and we wish our deserving recipients, Christopher and Amy luck on the dancefloor.

The BDSA Board wish the very best at the East of England Championships to Amy and Christopher.

If you would like further information about BDSA bursaries please contact"

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