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Pride Month

The BDSA wishes all our Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender and Queer identifying (LGBTQ+) members a very happy and successful Pride month this June. We also convey our thanks to all LGBTQ+ allies and supporters, whether they be families, friends, colleagues or associates. At the BDSA we are committed to providing an inclusive sport that welcomes everyone regardless of their personal characteristics. Anyone can participate in Dance Sport at all levels and there should be no barriers to taking part.

BDSA recognises that sports have often been sites of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, and that many LGBTQ+ have had painful experiences when playing sport. We understand that this has often led to LGBTQ+ to give up participating in sport. Fear of discrimination and bullying often prevents LGBTQ+ from taking up sport in the first place. Exclusion from sport can have serious impact on physical and mental health.

We are pleased that recent years have seen a more welcoming environment for gender and sexuality minorities in some sports, but it is just a start and there is much more to do to ensure that all sports provide a safe place for everyone to take part in their favourite activities.

Pride month gives us the opportunity to celebrate the journey LGBTQ+ people have been on to demand equal rights and for the ability to take part in sport without fear of discrimination. This June is a celebration of our valued LGBTQ+ communities and an opportunity to reassert our commitment to equality, as well as a reminder that there is still a lot of work to do to ensure that our sport is truly inclusive. It is a time to look back in pride at what we have achieved so far and to look to the future with optimism that we can continue to build a better sporting world for LGBTQ+ communities across the country.

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